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24 HOUR SALE: Save $25 off any purchase over $300 with coupon code SAVE25
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SDC Deals 175 Use Guarantee for Exogen Ultrasound Bone Stimulator

Bone Stimulator Exogen Exogen Ultrasound

Purchasing the Exogen Ultrasound Bone Stimulator can often times be tricky.   Most, if not all, sell their Exogen as-is with no guarantee it will work once purchased.   Many online sellers also stipulate no returns, so even if you decide not to use the Exogen after you purchase it, you are stuck with your purchase.

SDC Deals has always offered a no-questions asked 30 day money back guarantee for all purchases, as long as the product was not used during the 30 days.  We are now also guaranteeing all Exogen Ultrasound Bone Stimulators purchased from SDC Deals will work until at least 175 uses.   Defective units are immediately replaced with free USPS Priority Mail shipping and return labels are provided for the return.

The Exogen Ultrasound Bone Stimulator is a limited life product, meaning that when it was manufactured, only a certain number of treatments can be performed before the device reaches it's limit.  Most Exogen units will last around 300 total treatments, but treatments may be disabled prior to that if the device sits unused for a period of time.  The most important factors when looking to purchase a used Exogen Ultrasound Bone Stimulator is to make sure it still has active treatments and to check how many treatment days (uses) it has been used.

At SDC Deals, we want you to feel secure in purchasing the Exogen from our website.   When you purchase the Exogen Ultrasound Bone Stimulator from SDC Deals you will know that you do have the option to return the Exogen and that the device is active with at least 100 active treatments remaining - often times many more.   SDC Deals is likely the only online store that offers this kind of protection for the purchase of the Exogen Ultrasound Bone Stimulator.   Even better, we also offer a Exogen Buy Back Program.  This provides an easy outlet or you to sell your Exogen once your treatments are complete.

The Exogen Ultrasound Bone Stimulator units tend to come in and out of stock relatively quickly, so don't hesitate or you may miss out!    Thanks again for stopping by, we appreciate your business.

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