24 HOUR SALE: Save $25 off any purchase over $300 with coupon code SAVE25
24 HOUR SALE: Save $25 off any purchase over $300 with coupon code SAVE25
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Sell Back Your Exogen Within 90 Days

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Sell Back Your Exogen Ultrasound Bone Stimulator to SDCDeals.com

We sell the Exogen 4000 Bone Stimulator on SDCDeals.com because we know you need a reliable source to purchase the Exogen 4000 Healing System along with immediate priority or express mail shipping.  Once you've used the Exogen 4000 to heal your broken or fractured bone, you likely do not have further need of the Exogen 4000 (unless you break or fracture your bone again, but let's think positive instead)!

The typical Exogen 4000 lasts well beyond 250 uses per battery life.   Many people realize they only need the Exogen 4000 Bone Stimulator for a short period of time.  Many people find it difficult to resell the Exogen 4000 Bone Stimulator once they have completed their treatment due to the specialized nature and specific need of the device.  

Special Offer to SDCDeals.com Customers

If you purchased your Exogen Ultrasound Bone Stimulator system through SDCDeals.com, you have the option to sell back your Exogen unit to us within 90 days of your purchase!  Each Exogen listing will have a unique buy back value that you will have the opportunity to take advantage of.   Please note that uses exceeding the recommended 1 use per day may affect the buy back purchase price.

To take advantage of this offer, use the contact form below to provide updated information about your Exogen unit. 

Sell Back Your Exogen to SDC Deals

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  • Once we receive your request we will respond to you within 24 hours with confirmation that we will purchase back your Exogen 4000.  
  • The Exogen unit must be in good working condition and must still be accepting new treatments.
  • SDC Deals will send instructions on how to ship your Exogen unit back to our store.
  • Once the Exogen unit is received and inspected, we will provide instructions on how to receive payment for your Exogen.  
  • Most transactions are completed through PayPal or Western Union, which allows you to receive an instant payment for your Exogen and deposit that money directly into your checking account.  

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to also contact us via phone/text at 858-461-9989 or support@sdcdeals.com for more information. 

Thank you again for shopping at SDCDeals.com!

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