24 HOUR SALE: Save $25 off any purchase over $300 with coupon code SAVE25
24 HOUR SALE: Save $25 off any purchase over $300 with coupon code SAVE25
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Sell Your Hearing Aids and Accessories to SDCDeals.com

Hearing Aids and Accessories

Hearing aids come in many verities, in regards to features, price, and level of hearing loss.  Over time, many people find the need to upgrade to a newer model of hearing aid or move to a hearing aid designed for more advanced hearing loss.  Furthermore, it is difficult to know exactly which brand and features are best suited for you.

Sell Your Hearing Aids to SDCDeals.com

We sell gently used, working hearing aids because we know it can be difficult to find the right model and features at an affordable price.  Many people find it difficult to resell hearing aids once they no longer need due to the specialized nature and specific features of hearing aids.  Trying to find people in your local area through Craigslist that need your particular hearing aids is difficult, and unless you are a seasoned seller on eBay, you will likely not be successful in selling them online.  Save time and effort by selling your hearing aids and accessories to SDC Deals.com!

Contact Us About Your Hearing Aids
Please let us know the manufacturer, brand, and model of the hearing aids that you are looking to sell, along with any accessories that would come along with the hearing aids (such as batteries, case, manuals, etc.)


  • Once we receive your request we will respond to you within 24 hours with an offer to purchase your hearing aid(s).  
  • The amount of the offer depends on the manufacturer, model, and included accessories.
  • Most transactions are completed through PayPal, which allows you to receive an instant payment for your hearing aids and deposit that money directly into your checking account.  
  • SDC Deals will pay for the cost of shipping your hearing aids to our store.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to also contact us at 858-461-9989 or support@sdcdeals.com for more information. 

Thank you again for shopping at SDCDeals.com!

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