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24 HOUR SALE: Save $25 off any purchase over $300 with coupon code SAVE25
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2013 Exogen 4000 Ultrasound Bone Stimulator by Bioventus - 58 Uses
2013 Exogen 4000 Ultrasound Bone Stimulator by Bioventus - 58 Uses
2013 Exogen 4000 Ultrasound Bone Stimulator by Bioventus - 58 Uses
2013 Exogen 4000 Ultrasound Bone Stimulator by Bioventus - 58 Uses
2013 Exogen 4000 Ultrasound Bone Stimulator by Bioventus - 58 Uses

2013 Exogen 4000 Ultrasound Bone Stimulator by Bioventus - 58 Uses

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90 Day Rental / Buy Back Value - $200 - When your treatments are complete and your injury has healed, return this unit to us in good working condition within 90 days of purchase and receive a $200 refund from your purchase price!   Click here for more details.

This is the only one left in stock! Don't miss out as our 2013 Exogen 4000 units sell very quickly.  Ships today!  

For sale is a 2013 gently used Exogen 4000+ Ultrasound Bone Stimulator Healing System by Bioventus that has only has 58 full uses and 1 partial use. 

The Exogen 4000 is in perfect working condition and includes everything in the original package:

  • A black soft zippered case
  • One full bottle of ultrasound gel.
  • Cable, transducer, and strap.
  • Original paperwork and instructions.
  • Cleaned, sanitized, and tested.
  • The item pictured is the actual one you will receive.

Mint condition! This Exogen 4000 Bone Stimulator system has only has 58 full uses and 1 partial use. This Exogen 4000 has been tested (see photo) and is guaranteed to last until at least 175 uses.  This newer model of the Exogen 4000 was manufactured in April of 2013! 

  • This unit has at least 192 (77%) of its uses remaining.
  • We guarantee the battery and unit will last until at least 175 uses or receive a full refund! (more info)
  • The typical Exogen 4000 unit lasts beyond 250+ uses.  
  • This newer Exogen 4000 model was manufactured in April of 2013 (serial number 0413021372E) and is not on the FDA recall list.
The Bioventus Exogen 4000+ is the only ultrasound bone stimulator approved by the FDA.


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The EXOGEN 4000+ Bone Healing System is a low-intensity pulsed ultrasound device that is externally applied 20 minutes a day over the site of a broken bone. It is the ONLY bone stimulator using ultrasound technology approved to treat fractures that that have failed to heal; approved to heal specific fresh fractures faster.

  • The EXOGEN 4000+ is medically proven to promote the body's natural healing process, speeding the repair of a broken bone.
  • The system is also clinically proven to speed up the healing of certain new fractures by 38 percent and effectively healing 86 percent of hard-to-heal bone fractures.
  • This device comes complete with a larger screen for easier visibility, a simple one-button operation, and an audio beep to signal operation.
The EXOGEN 4000+ device provides a non-invasive therapy for the healing of nonunions and the acceleration of fresh fracture healing that the patient administers at home or at work, once daily, for 20 minutes. Treatment continues until you determine the fracture to be sufficiently healed to discontinue device use. The device transmits a low intensity ultrasound signal to the fracture site through coupling gel. The device provides low intensity ultrasound of 30 mW/cm2 which is comparable to diagnostic ultrasound levels used in sonogram (fetal monitoring) procedures. Due to the very low intensity of the ultrasound, little or no sensation is felt by the patient during the treatment. A design feature alerts the patient in case of improper application or performance of the device.
The strap assembly supplied in the strap kit contains the RAF, with the snap-on Cap tethered to the RAF. The snap-on cap has a spring attached to its inner side which keeps a light pressure force on the transducer, thereby ensuring contact of the transducer surface with the skin.
Containers of hypoallergenic ultrasound coupling gel, which is 96% water, are provided with the EXOGEN device. Coupling gel must be applied to the transducer surface at the start of each treatment period in order to permit transmission of the ultrasound signal from the transducer surface to the skin over the fracture site. Both containers of coupling gel are completely full.
  • Portable & lightweight
  • At home treatment
  • Simple 20 minute daily system
  • Ease of use
  • Faster recovery
"Receiving FDA approval for the EXOGEN 4000+ Bone Healing System is yet another win for surgeons and patients. While the accelerated healing potential and non-union treatment capabilities of the system continue to provide the same non-invasive alternative to surgery, the design upgrades make it easier to operate further optimizing patient care," said Ken Reali, vice president and general manager, Orthopedic Clinical Therapies.
CAUTION: This device is intended for use only by the individual for whom it is prescribed. Please only use under your own doctor's recommendations. SDC Deals will accept no liability on your use of this product.
The sale of this item may be subject to regulation by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and state and local regulatory agencies.
Return Policy
  • The Exogen 4000+ can be returned for a full refund (minus shipping cost) for 30 days.
  • The item must be in the same condition as it was received and cannot have been used for treatments.